Our Footage Library

Discover a world of extraordinary footage available for licensing, offering a unique window into the world’s most stunning landscapes for your projects. Our extensive library includes breathtaking scenes from destinations far beyond what’s featured on our site, offering unique and diverse visuals for your projects.

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Licensing From Us

Our footage library contains over 100 terabytes of spectacular nature footage from America’s most breathtaking landscapes.


Our footage is all available in minimum 4K resolution with most of it being 8K or higher.


We own the rights to all of the footage from all of our films so anything you see with the MTJP logo is available for licensing.


We have a wide range of footage including time lapse, night skies, stabilized, aerial, action, underwater, seasonal, and more.


Most of our footage is available in RAW formats giving you full control of the color.


Our library primarily features outdoors based locations, specifically public lands including national parks, national forests, national monuments, etc.

For Hire

We are available to work with clients on a contract basis if there's specific scenes you need captured.


We offer custom pricing including bulk pricing discounts, educational rates, special project rates, and more to fit your needs.


We offer per second, per minute, & per clip rates for our footage depending on your needs.